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Ride Together is a mobility social network platform that connect every day commuters to drivers who are likely to take the same route with them using ride pooling technologies.

Enjoy the Numerous Benefits of Joining the Community

Community Support

The Ridetogether Ride Along subscription plan brings you into a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded riders who share trips and experiences.

Free & Affordable Rides

With the Ride Together Adventure subscription plan, you can enjoy the ultimate benefit of unlimited free rides to any location within the community.

Safe & Convenient

Every time you share a ride with fellow community members, you actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions thus minimizing our ecological impact.

Easy Cancellation

Embrace the convenience of the Ride Along plan and enjoy the freedom to plan your day according to your needs, knowing that you can always adjust your rides at your convenience.

Verified Drivers

Our stringent verification process guarantees that every driver meets our high standards of reliability and professionalism. This commitment to safety and quality ensures that you enjoy every ride

Flexible Scheduling

We understand the importance of having control over your daily schedule. That's why we offer a convenient and flexible scheduling policy, empowering you to plan your rides ahead of time.

How The Community Works

Join the Community

Upon registration, you’ll gain access to our robust community, designed to connect riders with drivers heading the same way, whether for daily commutes or spontaneous adventures.

Join thousands of like-minded individuals who believe in eco-friendly commuting, sharing experiences, and making new friends on the road.

Ask the Community for a Ride

Explore the convenience of finding like-minded individuals who share your route, making your journey enjoyable and very cheap.

With Ride Together, requesting a ride is a breeze! Experience the excitement of connecting with drivers and fellow riders as you embark on memorable journeys together.

Enjoy the Ride in your City

Experience the joy of shared rides as you connect with your driver and fellow riders during the trip.

Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free commutes, knowing that you’re contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment by reducing carbon footprints.

Whether you’re engaged in lively conversations or simply enjoying the scenery, every ride with Ride Together promises an unforgettable experience.

Share the Fun & Tip Goodwill

Show your gratitude for the driver’s goodwill and excellent service by tipping them. Your tips support and empower drivers, encouraging them to continue offering top-notch rides.

Embrace the culture of appreciation within the Ride Together community, fostering a positive and supportive environment for everyone involved. Therefore, by tipping your driver, you not only express your thanks but also contribute to the sense of unity and mutual support that makes Ride Together special.

Remember, every ride is an opportunity to build relationships and make new friends on the road.

Our Simple
Straight-Forward Subscription Plan

Ride Along



/ Monthly

3 Free Rides Daily

Real-Time Notification

Schedule Trips Anytime

30 Days Cookie Life

Community Support




/ Monthly

Unlimited Free Rides Daily

Real-Time Notification

Schedule Trips Anytime

30 Days Cookie Life

Community Support +

Membership Discounts

Request Personalized Trips

Personalized Movie Experience

See what our members are saying 😍

I love the community aspect of Ride Together. It feels great to share rides with fellow commuters, and the tipping system helps drivers earn extra income for their goodwill. Win-win!
Business Owner
Johnwell D
As a student, Ride Together has been a blessing. I can find rides to college every day, and the drivers are friendly and reliable. It's made my life so much easier!
Emily S
Ride Together has been a game-changer for my daily commutes! I've saved so much on transportation costs, and the real-time notifications are a lifesaver. Highly recommended!
Oliver G
Joining Ride Together was the best decision. The flexible scheduling and safety features give me peace of mind during my rides. I'm proud to be a part of this community
Business Owner
Michael A
Ride Together has allowed me to earn extra income on my daily routes. The tipping system encourages riders to appreciate the service, making it a rewarding experience for both parties.
Mom & Driver
Tema Osborn
The platform is user-friendly, and the real-time notifications make it easy to find riders headed my way. It's an efficient way to maximize my earnings as a driver.
Dad & Driver
Cameron D

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